Microgreens, Sprouts & Baby Greens

What is the difference between sprouts, microgreens and baby greens?

Sprouts are the germinated seeds of a plant. Sprouts are germinated in water, usually for a couple of days and are typically ready to eat when the sprouts are 2-5 cm long. Sprouts are usually eaten raw and include the root, seed and shoot.

When the sprouts grow a bit bigger, usually one to two weeks, they are considered microgreens. Microgreens have a set of seed leaves (cotyledons), and sometimes a set of the first true leaves of the plant. Microgreens can sometimes be cooked, but are usually eaten raw because they are so delicate and very flavorful. When you harvest microgreens you can cut them close to the roots and eat the entire stem as well as the leaves.

Once microgreens have grown more than one set of true leaves they enter the next phase of the plant which is the baby green stage. Baby greens are usually harvested about a month after germination (depending on the variety) when they are several inches tall. Baby green leaves can be cooked but are best when eaten raw.

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