Staking Tomatoes

Determinate tomato plants are smaller and bushier and often do not require trellising. Indeterminate plants however, will keep on growing as long as conditions are good, and they can get huge – 10 feet or more – so they will definitely need some support.

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As a plant grows, it develops side shoots, called suckers. These side shoots form on the “V” between the main stem and a set of leaves. If you leave these suckers on the plant they will grow exactly like the main stem producing leaves, flowers and fruit.

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Roots is Fruits – How to Plant a Tomato

We used to know a tomato farmer in California that always grew the most robust tomato plants. Whenever anyone asked him what his secret was he would answer, “Roots is Fruits”. Funny way of saying it, but if you want to harvest lots of tomatoes you need a healthy plant, and to have a healthy plant you need strong roots.

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Determinate vs Indeterminate Tomato Plants

There are thousands of different tomato varieties, but all tomato plants fall into one of two categories: Determinate or Indeterminate. The first step to growing tomatoes is knowing which kind of plant you have.

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