Our Roots

At first, we began growing our own food mostly just because we enjoyed doing it. Home grown food tastes better, looks better, and we know exactly how it was grown and what went in it. Eventually we decided that we didn’t want to take chances feeding our family potentially unsafe food – such as the contaminated greens that have been recalled every year – and we began relying on our garden for almost all of our food.

We strongly believe that the effects of conventional farming are detrimental to the environment, the farmers who are exposed to the chemicals used, wildlife and insects, and ultimately everyone who consumes these foods. One of the best ways to eliminate our consumption and exposure to harmful chemicals is by growing our food – and seeds – in an organic system, with a focus on soil and plant health.

So, we have created a sustainable, 100% organic, permaculture garden which is completely self-sufficient. That’s why our farm is entirely no till. By imitating nature and not disturbing the soil life we have created a rich, healthy environment for our crops to grow without the need for added pesticides or fertilizers.

We also love trying all the incredible varieties of vegetables that you will never find being sold in any store. Working at farmer’s markets throughout the country over the last several years, we’ve come across some unusual varieties of veggies, often given to us by the farmers that have grown them in their families for generations. We quickly fell in love with the idea of growing vegetable varieties with fascinating stories that connect us to the past, and that often can not be found in your typical seed catalogs. We feel it’s extremely important to preserve these old heirloom varieties that might otherwise become extinct…and so we began saving seeds.

Heirloom veggies taste exceptional and come in a rainbow of colors. Have you ever eaten a juicy Great White Tomato, a smoky Paul Robeson tomato, or a stripy multi-color Berkeley Tie-Dye green tomato? I promise you that if you’ve never tried an heirloom tomato, you have never tasted a real tomato!

Plus, each heirloom seed variety comes with each own fascinating history. For example, legend has it that the King Tut Purple Pea seeds were found in 1922 in an Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb, where they had been buried for nearly 5,000 years! 

Most of the gardeners I know (including me), go a bit crazy at the beginning of the season wanting to grow every vegetable they see. It’s always hard to curb that excitement but when harvest time rolls around many people become overwhelmed with the abundance of fresh produce. On our website you will find lots of seasonal, fresh & healthy, veggie based recipes right from the garden. We’ll also show you how to can, pickle, and ferment so you can preserve your harvest all year long.

And if you happen to live in the vicinity of Pittsboro NC, we grow and sell our plants, microgreens and veggies at our farm and at farmer’s markets in the area.

Craig & Olga