Pantano Romanesco Tomato

This rare heirloom variety from Italy is one of the best tasting red tomatoes.

Highly productive vines yield large crops of 12 oz, brilliant-red, scalloped tomatoes. Meaty and bursting with rich, classic tomato flavor. Pantano Romanesco tomatoes are delicious both raw and cooked.

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Kellogg’s Breakfast Tomato

Kellogg’s Breakfast is a superbly sweet, low acid Beefsteak-type tomato. This award winning variety produces 1-2 lb brilliant orange fruit. Great for eating raw, in salads and sandwiches. Also fantastic for tomato jam.

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Berkeley Tie-Dye Green Tomatoes

Berkeley Tie-Dye Green Tomatoes are an incredibly colorful and delicious large slicing variety!

The exterior is green with stripes in red and yellow. But the flesh is truly tri-color! The creamy green flesh is infused with various shades of red and yellow swirling shades. Each of these colors has a different flavor resulting in a spicy, sweet, tart tomato with good acid.

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